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Corona Virus - Covid 19 Pandemic
"Prepared School Work Packages"
To date, as we are still in Lockdown because of the Corona Virus pandemic we are offering our parents a "Prepared School Work Package" for the children - to ease the children back into a learning situation; for them to continue to benefit educationally; and to offer the teachers' services towards compensation for your co-operation and to prove our commitment to the advancement of our pupils. 
The contents of the "Prepared School Work Package" are:- box of crayons, playdough/plastercine, lacing cards and laces, themed work booklets (number booklet, shape booklet, colour booklet, cutting booklet (fractions), drawing/guided drawing booklet, sequencing booklet, opposite booklet, dot to dot booklet, colour by number booklet and themed booklets - (themed topics). 
Each child will have at least  8 to 10 work booklets, the Red Group (Pre-school class) will have 12 booklets.  The "Prepared School Work Package" that has been carefully packed is basically the Second Term scheduled work.  A manual and full explanation along with instructions (along with an aim and objective so that the concept is put across in an effective manner - and collated so that the parent can aid the child ).
This has proved very successful and the parents are very appreciative and grateful for all the hard work being put in to providing the parents with this very worth while package in the interim, until school starts.  
"Google Classroom" (online classroom)
Very exciting news, this platform will encompass the following:-  Subject 1: "Morning Ring" session, Subject 2: Story telling; Subject 3: Ballet, Subject 4: Gymnastics, Subject 5: Music/Singing/Drama (Adventures in Music), Subject 6: Number rhymes and jingles, Subject 7: Nursery rhymes and catchy tunes.  We will be adding more subjects as we progress.
Myself and the teachers will be recording the story telling sessions (parents will be able to log in and select the Subject and the the subtitles within that Subject).  Please note that we will be recording all the sessions which will be uploaded as recorded sessions and we will not be doing "live" sessions, as this is more beneficial as an excercise for our "littles' and having access whenever it suits the parent.
We also offer Skype sessions every Monday. 
Red Group 10.25 to 11.25 a.m.
Blue Group 08.15 to 09.15 a.m.
Yellow Group 09.20 to 10.20 a.m.
Green Group 11.30 to 12.30 p.m.
The "Skype" sessions are for the parents to ask questions related to any challenges the parents may be having regarding the teaching aspect of the work booklets or questions related to any difficulties they may be experiencing.
Facemasks have been issued to all staff members, we are armed with spray bottles and sanitizers, knapsacks for spraying the entrance to the school, classrooms, playground and toilet areas.  Tables, workstation, table tops, picnic benches and surfaces commonly touched by the children will be sanitized and wiped down throughout the morning. 
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