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We’re delighted to introduce our team of fully qualified teachers.

Red Group (Children turning 5)

2 Teachers and 1 Nursery Aide

Rosy van der Westhuizen (Teaching Head)

​​Rosy van der Westhuizen (Head Teacher and Principal)

Rosy is Junior School trained, having studied at the Bulawayo Teachers Training College from 1979 to 1981.  Rosy started Once Upon a Time Nursery School in 1985, following her first teaching post at Darwendale School, where she taught Grade 3 to Grade 5 from 1982 to 1984.  She still has the same passion for teaching she had 34 years ago.  Rosy considers the school an extension of her personality and is utterly devoted to the development of each and every child.



Maria Bouzopoulos (Class Teacher)

Maria worked at three different Nursery Schools, gaining experience in Harare from January 2014 to August 2016 where she was studying for her Bachelor of Education specializing in Psychology and Organisational Psychology through UNISA. She is studying to complete her UNISA degree. In 2017 she worked at Twin Rivers in the Grade 0 class as an Assistant Teacher and now joins Once Upon a Time Nursery School as the Red Group (Pre-School) Teacher under the tutelage of myself (Rosy van der Westhuizen) as Head Teacher in the Red Group. 

She is assisted by a Nursery Aide, Portia.

Blue Group (Children turning 4)

1 Teacher  and 1 Nursery Aide

1586716201383 (002).jpg

Tanya Ross

Tanya Ross is our new teacher in the Blue Group in 2019.

In November 2016 Tanya achieved her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology at Rhodes University and in May 2018 she achieved her  PGCE Early Years Degree through correspondence from Sunderland University in the U.K. As a volunteer student teacher she taught as an Assistant Teacher for 11 months at a private school in the ECD Department.  In the Second and Third Term of 2018 she was teaching as a Grade One teacher at a Private Home School. 

She is assisted by a Nursery Aides, Shelley and Lina.


Assistant Teacher

Tinodiwanashe (Tino) Chisvo

Tino has joined our teaching staff in 2020 as an Assistant Teacher in the Blue Group.  Tino Chisvo is an ex-pupil of Once Upon a Time Nursery School (Class of 2006).  Tino studied her A levels at Arundel High School.   She is doing her internship with us as an Assistant Teacher in the Blue Group.  This is a paid internship not a voluntary internship.  She will be studying a Bachelor of Science - Health Sciences at Deakin University in September 2020.

Yellow Group (3 year olds)

1 Teacher  and 2 Nursery Aides

corrine photo.JPG

Corrine De Klerk

Corrine will be joining us in January 2020, she has an E.C.D. Certificate (KIdz World Training Centre - September 2015). This  is registered with the Ministry of Education.  She attained a Distinction in the Theory and Practice of Education in Early Childhood Development. She has had four years work experience

in two previous schools and has previously been a Day Mother to a 9 month and 6 year old child before she studied her E.C.D. Certificate. From 1996 to 2008 she had various administrative positions including Receptionist, Personal Assistant, Technical Support and Office Manager  in some high profile companies. She is certified in First Aid. She brings along with her a gentle, kind and loving approach to teaching.   

She is assisted by two Nursery Aides, Anna and Primrose.

Green Group - (2 year olds)

1 Teacher and 3 Nursery Aides

stacey photo.jpg

Stacey Black

Stacey Black has a Certificate in Pre-School Education.  She has nine years teaching experience at teaching in Harare Nursery Schools.  Stacey joined our staff at the beginning of the Third Term 2019.  She has established herself well in the school, and is a happy and co-operative member of staff.  She is helpful on all occasions and  is reliable.  She is gentle and brings a good grounding and calmness to the classroom for our littles.  

She is assisted by three Nursery Aides, Brenda, Jennifer and Mercy.


Sharlinda Fernandes (Qualified Acrobatics Teacher and Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach)



Angela Klaasen
Angela is certified by the Royal Academy of Dancing, and is currently a member of the National Ballet of Zimbabwe. Angela has been teaching Ballet at Once Upon A Time since 2007.  Angela teaches age appropriate material to the different classes.  Each class performs their set routine increasing the level of difficulty each session and by the time they reach the five year old class, each child is expected to perform the splits, a back bend, press ups, flick flacks and "lifts". Angela works towards teaching the children new ballet positions and set routines to music, which we showcase at our annual school concert at the Celebration Centre at the end of the year.

Green Group (Youngest 22 children)

Grasshopper Gymnastics and Acrobatic Dance

Sharlinda Fernandes (Qualified Acrobatics Teacher and Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach)

Sharlinda Fernandes
Sharlinda is a fully qualified Acrobatics teacher with the Acrobatic Federation of South Africa, and she is a Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach.​  Sharlinda has been teaching Acrobatic Dance and Gymnastics at Once Upon A Time since 2007. Sharlinda teaches age appropriate material to each of the four classes.  The five year old class practice weekly sessions and the boys perform a set routine to music using hoola hoops and the girls perform a set routine to music using ribbon sticks. Sharlinda teaches the children set routines to music which are showcased at the end of year school concert at the Celebration Centre.

Yellow Group (Children turning 3)

Adventures into Music

Sharlinda Fernandes (Qualified Acrobatics Teacher and Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach)

 Annette Eastwood

​Annette has a wealth of experience. She holds a Certificate in Piano from the Performing Vienna Hochschule Musik, Vienna. Annette has over 30 years experience teaching music; she is also fluent in French and German and holds a TEFL Diploma.  Annette also taught at the Zimbabwe College of Music teaching "Adventures Into Music"(4 to 6 year olds).​ Annette has been teaching music at Once Upon A Time since 2013. She also teaches Percussion Band in the school to all the classes.  In the First term we teach music once a week and in the Second and Third terms we teach music twice a week.  A repertoire of 60 songs are taught throughout the year.  Different themed songs are chosen to be sung for the themed Annual School Concert at the end of the year which is staged at the Celebration Centre.

Support Team

Adventures into Music

Administrative and Support Staff
Andy Kristiansen (Rosy's Mum and Administration Staff)

Andy Kristiansen

Andy, Rosy's mum, has been involved since the inception of the school, which is in the house where she was born, the old family home, which is still filled with love and laughter.  She is the Financial Director at Once Upon a Time.  Andy trained at Grahamstown Training College from 1954 to 1956, and has vast experience in all aspects of education ranging from Nursery right up to Teacher Training.  She finished her career as a Grade One Education Officer from 1970 to 1977.  Her input to the school is invaluable.

Debbie Ashburner (Administration Staff)

 Debbie Ashburner

Debbie runs the school office, as both secretary and bursar, with a warm and gentle personality.  She has a wealth of previous experience, as PA to the Headmaster of St John's College for six years.  Prior to that she owned her own employment agency, specialising in the travel industry.  Other previous experience includes three years as Manager of Air Namibia in Zimbabwe and ten years with Manica Travel. Debbie has been working at Once Upon A Time since 2012.

Koster Difreya (Support Staff)

Morris Mushurwa

Morris, the School Chef, has a natural flair for preparing delicious and healthy food.   Morris started working at Once Upon a Time Nursery School in February 2017.  Morris worked as a Sous Chef at Victoria 22 Restaurant from 1998 to 2007, then at Sheilas Restaurant from 2007 to 2009.  He then moved to Arundel Spar as Head Chef from 2009 to 2012 and then at Steak Out in Avondale as Head Chef from 2012 to 2016.  The children love his lunch meals, and parents even ask if they can stay for lunch when they smell the mouth-watering aromas wafting from the kitchen!


Nursery Aides

Our hardworking, always smiling and happy Nursery Aides are vital to the smooth running of every classroom activity.  They clean the school and help the children tidy up, and we have always found them to be loyal and caring.
Pictured from left to right: Maria, Shelley, Mabel, Tatenda, Jennifer, Brenda and Anna.  We now have a compliment of 7 Nursery Aides.  Three Nursery Aides in the Green Group (2 year olds), two Nursery Aides in Yellow Group (3 year olds), one Nursery Aide in Blue Group (4 year olds) and one Nursery Aide in Red Group (5 year olds).

John Jowero (Support Staff)


The gardening team is headed up by faithful John Jowero (pictured), who has lived and worked on the school property for the last 42 years, initially working for Rosy's Grandmother for 8 years and then continuing with Rosy for the last 34 years at Once Upon a Time. 



Clever Jakara is the foreman and Learnmore Mutendera compliments the grounds team.

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