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Special Events

At Once Upon a Time Nursery School, we believe that exposing the children to a wide variety of experiences at pre-school level is foundational to their development as independent, self-confident and socially competent people.  We hold a series of exciting events each year, to which we and the children look forward.

Teddy Bear's Picnic at Once Upon a Time Nursery School in Harare
Teddy Bear's Picnic

This annual event is a feast for the children’s young imaginations.  Each child is requested to bring a teddy bear, a blanket to sit on, a picnic basket full of delicious picnic treats, and a teddy bear story book.  We play games, read stories and spend a magical day under the trees.  Of course all pupils and staff are encouraged to come in the disguises, which are made in Art and Craft lessons. 

We make Teddy Bear biscuits from our famous playdough recipe and these are taken home as a treat at the end of the day.

Classwork at Once Upon a Time Nursery School in Harare
Themed School Concert

We produce a concert at the end of each year and every child in the school takes part, to give them the opportunity of appearing on stage, in public.  Also the children showcase set routines they have learnt in ballet and gym, throughout the year. The children learn a repetoire of about 30 songs and ten are chosen for the school concert Our annual "Themed School Concert" is showcased in the main auditorium at the Celebration Centre.  This is a life time experience for our "littlies" to appear on a real stage. 

Treasure Hunt at Once Upon a Time Nursery School in Harare
Open Day

Open Day "Parent Consultation Day" is held annually to give all our parents an opportunity to meet with their child's teacher for an indepth discussion on academic progress and social development. Parents are given a time slot with the teacher. Parents are able to read through their child's 'Progress Report" and leisurely browse through their child's work folder.  Teas and snacks are provided by Once Upon a Time Nursery School and are throughout the afternoon.

Treasure & Scavenger Hunts

Not only are these great fun, but they are also learning activities, which teach the children problem-solving skills whilst enjoying physical exercise.This activity is intended to help improve the child's memory and help strengthen their long term memory.  This activity will be done as a group and the children will have their own containers to collect a number of items e.g. guinea fowl feather, 2 blades of grass, lucky bean, a seed pod etc. The number of items will be increased each hunt.

Sports Day

​We hold a Sports Day each year with 4 races each for the boys and girls in each class.  There are Victor and Victrix Ludorum cups, and we follow a traditional structured programme.  Certificates are presented to those in 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, and special merit certificates to every child for participating, to boost morale. There is a Shield awarded to the house with the most points.  Our two sports houses are "Buzzy Bees" and "Speedy Snakes".

Graduation Ceremony and Prizegiving at Once Upon a Time Nursery School in Harare
Graduation & Prize Giving

​Each year we have a graduation ceremony for the children who are leaving us to go to big school.  As Headmistress I give a speech and congratulate the children on their hard work and effort throughout the year, and in the time they have spent at Once Upon a Time. The children are given special Graduation Certificates and of course wear their mortar boards.  A gown is worn for photographs and there is a photo booth.  We also acknowledge children, whose work has been outstanding during the year, with merit certificates being awarded to all the children in the school, so no child goes home without a certificate. . This is followed by a tea for the parents and the children. 

The Attainment and Progress Prizes are awarded to those deserving children in each class and all children from all the classes will receive Special mention Awards, Merit Awards and certificates from Sports Day ( Victrix and Victor Ludorum Trophies )and the school concert (Best Actor and Actress award).

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