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Teacher's Viewpoint  -  Biddy Railton - 1990 to 1995

Magical’ is the word I would use to describe my first impression as I stepped inside the doors of Once Upon a Time Nursery School.  Packed full of exciting educational toys, equipment and books, as well as the children’s paintings and handiwork displayed around the classrooms.  I was indeed captivated and remained there for six fun filled years!

Rosie is committed to the children’s all round development and for this reason, generally only employs fully qualified teachers.  Nothing is neglected at Once Upon a Time, with a coveted collection of musical equipment which every child has an opportunity to play; a “Dollies’ Corner”; baking day; a mini farmyard and wonderful playground with Nursery Aides in attendance.

Once Upon a Time has been a lifetime commitment for Rosy and the children are loved, disciplined and nurtured as if they were her own.  They leave there not only with very treasured memories but ably equipped socially and intellectually to take those first few steps into “big school” and indeed the rest of their lives.

Biddy Railton

Yellow Group Teacher, 1990 to 1995

(Teaching Certificate Bulawayo Teachers College, Junior School Trained)



Teacher's Congratulatory Message - Alice Hamilton taught at Once Upon a Time Nursery school from 1995 to 2000.

Congratulations on 30 amazing years!  A wonderful owner and Principal of the most wonderful nursery school.  Your fantastic website has reminded me of truly "awesome times when teaching in the school for some years and when two of my daughters attended this "fairytale" place.  Wishing you a fabulous anniversary time - if only I could be there to join in this great celebration! With much love and devotion,

Alice, Sita and Lilamarie Hamilton



Alice Hamilton 

Blue Group Teacher , 1995 to 2000

Assistant Red Group Teacher to Rosy in 2000.

(Teaching Certificate Bulawayo Teachers College, Infants School Trained)



Teacher's Viewpoint and Congratulatory Message

Sarah Clarke -  2010 to 2015

I am writing to Rosy and Once Upon a Time to bid you all a warm good bye and a respectful farewell, as I leave with such pleasant memories of the last five years. "It has been a great journey"  


Once Upon a Time is a wonderful place for a child to be brought up in, with the most amazing equipment and endless toys.  Once Upon a Time is a well managed and run nursery school, it has a fantastic head and team of teachers who display great dedication to the children's well being.  It is the sheer hard work of Rosy and the Nursery Aides, Koster the cook, the gardeners and Debbie in the office that stands "Once Upon a Time" in good stead.   

Myself and every student that passes through "Once Upon a Time" and along with the teachers, will hold the school close to our hearts.  I would especially like to thank Rosy, Andy and colleagues for their unending support and guidance.  I am taking along work skills, valuable lessons and experiences that I have learnt along the way, that involved me personally and professionally to achieve success in my future.  I wish Once Upon a Time and Rosy a happy 30th Anniversary and for many years ahead.


Sarah Clarke

Red Group Assistant Teacher, 2010 to 2015

Red Group Teacher - 2nd Term 2015



Teacher's Viewpoint

Yvette Acutt -  2007 to 2018


Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world


  • Nelson Mandela


And it all begins at Once Upon A Time………

From a parent’s perspective, I am ecstatic that my child is receiving his most fundamental part of his education at the best school.  The educational games and toys for both indoor and out are phenomenal. The quality and variety of the equipment is absolutely amazing and of the very best. odern toys such as Lego and Duplo, a variety of magnetic games, threading, lacing and beading equipment, an enormous selection of different construction toys, cars, trucks and all the games you can possibly think of to go with them, such as racing tracks, garages, workshops etc. are available in each of the four classrooms, every game designed to strengthen and improve a different skill set, whether it be a fine or gross motor skill, cognitive or manipulative skills  Extra Activities such as Dance and Movement, Gym and the Balls Skills of which there is a large number of different types of balls, bats, racquets, balancing equipment and many, many more which help with co-ordinations, balancing and team work.

Three beautiful dollies corners with everything a child could imagine from little tea sets to working toy stoves help with social skills, life skills, interaction and time for the children to express themselves. A touch screen, interactive board with over 200 educational activities/games and stories on is used on a daily basis, and even the younger children get to try out the simpler, educational games suited to their age group.

I have been teaching at Once Upon A Time since the third term of 2007 where I stepped in to help for a term, well … the rest as they say is history.

Rosy has not only been a mentor and an inspiration to me but her ever positive attitude and her love for life eventually start to rub off on you. Rosy has given 150% of herself to her beautiful school, to us the staff and parents but her priority has always being the care and well being of the children at Once Upon A Time

It has not always been easy, and Rosy has had her fair share of health issues, but her passion and love of the children keep her going and so genuinely deeply caring is she about every student in her school that she can remember the names of her very first pupils and name her students throughout the years.  With a smile and a skip in her stride she is always there and when everyone else has gone and all is deadly quiet, Rosy can still be found at the School planning something fun and exciting and doing all the behind the scene work that nobody else wants to do.

Sports Day and our end of year Concert are such two fun and exciting events. Not only is it a sports Day but a “Mini Olympics “Day where the children are encouraged to take part at their own will and just give of their best. Rosy will continuously encourage, be enthusiastic and energetic as well as keeping the morning running smoothly ensuring it is a fun day and enjoyed by all.

The end of year concert is performed and practiced for with the same gusto and fun atmosphere.  The children always thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Always approachable and willing to help wherever she can Rosy has made my 9 years at Once Upon A Time a wonderful, rewarding and life changing experience and I look forward to working many more fun filled years together.  Giving each child who comes through Once Upon A Time the beginnings of changing the world.                                           


Children Painting at Once Upon a Time in Harare
Exciting Playground at Once Upon a Time Nursery School in Harare
Animal Paradise at Once Upon a Time in Harare
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